List of communes: District and Block Wise

Puducherry District

Puducherry Dis­trict com­prises of 71 Vil­lage Pan­chay­ats in five com­munes and two blocks.

Ariyankuppam Block

The three com­munes in Ariyankup­pam Block are:

Ariyankuppam Commune11 Village Panchayats
Bahour Commune 15 Village Panchayts
Nettapakkam Commune11 Village Panchayats

Villianur Block

The 2 com­munes in Vil­lia­nur Block are:

Villianur Commune18 Village Panchayats
Mannadipet Commune16 Village Panchayats

Karaikal District

Karaikal dis­trict com­prises of 27 Vil­lage Pan­chay­ats in five com­munes and one block.

Karaikal Block

The 5 com­munes in Karaikal Block are:

Kottucherry Commune5 Village Panchayats
Nedungadu Commune4 Village Panchayats
Neravy Commune4 Village Panchayats
Thirunallar Commune9 Village Panchayats
Tirumalairayanpattinam Commune5 Village Panchayats

Reference as on April 2020 – Wikipedia