Ref : Mr Britto , Translated by mrs Vijayalaksmi

Chapter-1: Introduction about EM

EM is invented in 1980 by a Japanese Scientist Dr. Teruo Higa.

The main product, EM-1, is a liquid bacterial product comprising three groups of microbes: Yeast, Photosynthetic Bacteria, and Lactic Acid Bacteria.  It contains approx.. 80 different microorganisms from different roots of the plant and its capable of positively influencing decomposing organic matter such that it reverts into a “life promoting” process

It’s being used in various fields such as Agriculture, Animal husbandry, water treatement, Health, etc.

Chapter-2: EM preparation & kinds

  • Two kinds of EM preparation:
  • Activated EM, by activating EM from EM-1 (factory prepared).

Preparation Method: Mix 1L EM-1, 17L water, 2 kg Jaggery. Keep for 3 days tight. For next 5 days open daily once & shake to release the air.

  • EM preparation from fruits, this kind is mainly used / effective for agriculture not for other purposes.

Chapter-3: EM – In Agriculture

Chapter-4: EM – Usage in Veterinary Nurturing

Chapter-5: EM – Usage in Poultry

Chapter-6: EM – Usage in Piggery

Chapter-7: EM – Usage in Fish Farming

Chapter-8: EM – Usage in Prawn Farming

Chapter-9: EM – Usage in Environment Development

  • With help of NGO or youth group, select one area per week. That area shall be higher elevation point.
  • Mix well 1L AEM in 200L water.
  • Make this into 200 nos. of 1L bottle (used water bottles) and give it to each house in that area. It will cover 200 houses.
  • Instruction for use in houses:
  • 3 times per week to be applied.
  • If house has 2 toilets, then 150ml per toilet for 1 time.
  • Mix 150ml in 10L water and pour it inside the toilet, Incase if toilet stinks, then mix 150ml in 1L water and pour it inside toilet.
  • Don’t use flush atleast 1hr minimum after pouring.
  • Conclusion: 900ml per week
  • Continue this 4 months once (so 3 times per year).
  • Use this way in houses, hospitals, factories & other places starting from higher elevation point till the pond (low lying area).

Advantage: This increases Microorganism in septic tank and it allows clear water out from every house. This water increases microorganism further in the drainage/ sewage canal and it will help in increasing Microorganism in the Pond/ Lake which is the final collection point. Thereby increase oxygen in Pond and other lifes.

Chapter-10: EM – Usage in Houses

  • For Toilets: Monthly once, Mix 100ml AEM in 10L water and pour it inside Toilet. (Don’t flush/ use the Toilet for 1 hr).
  • For Bathrooms: Mix 5ml AEM in 1L water and Spray it in all corners, its water collection outlets, etc.

Advantage: keeps bathroom clean from insects, smells & helps to stay healthy.

  • For washing vegetables: Mix 1 teaspoon (moodi) or 2 ml AEM in the cleaning water for washing vegetables.

Advantage: helps to remove pesticides/ chemicals sticking on the vegetables.

  • For Cleaning vessels: Mix 1 teaspoon (moodi) or 2 ml AEM in the cleaning water for washing Vessels/ utensils.

Advantage: makes vessels to glitter & removes oily strains.

  • For plants in garden: Mix 25ml in 1L water and spray it by hand sprayer.

Advantage: It helps to drive away mosquitoes and acts as natural manure for

  • In crowd location: Mix 1L AEM in 100L water and pour it in stagnant water & drainage water.

Advantage: It helps to remove bad smell and improves health.

  • If house drainage gets collected in backyard or goes to Coconut, Guava, Banana trees, then weekly once mix 50ml AEM in 10L water and pour it in that stagnant water.

Advantage: it helps in protecting the roots from this drainage water & also increases yield.