Local Administration Department functions as a bridge between the Local Bodies and the Government.The Directorate is headed by the Director and assisted by four Deputy Directors

1. Deputy Director for Municipal Administration
2. Deputy Director for Rural Development (i.e. for Panchayats)
3. Deputy Director (Vital Statistics)

Director, Local Administration is designated as the ex-officio Joint Secretary (Local Administration) and the Deputy Director (Rural Development) is designated as the ex-officio Under Secretary (Local Administration)Deputy Director (Municipal Administration) is in charge of the five Municipalities.Deputy Director (Rural Development) is the Head of Office for the Directorate of Local Administration. Deputy Director (R.D) is in charge of the ten Commune Panchayats and 98 Village Panchayats.Deputy Director (Vital Statistics) has been designated as Additional District Registrar.Assistant Directors: Assistant Director (Administration) is the Section Officer for Accounts Section, Establishment Section & Grants – In – Aid Section.Assistant Director (Common Service) He is the Section Officer for Policy and Programme Section which deals with Legislation Matters and Other Policy Matters relating to local bodies. Functions of the Department Acts as Controlling Department for all Local Bodies.
Formulation of policies and new programmes for better governance of Local Bodies.
Approval of Budget and Shelf of Projects of Local Bodies.
Release of grants-in-aid to Local Bodies to take up works for providing basic civic amenities.
Reviewing the progress of execution of works and Revenue Collection by Local Bodies.
According Administrative approval and Expenditure sanctions to the proposals of local bodies wherever the financial powers delegated to Local Bodies exceeds.
Inspecting the Local Bodies and works executed by the Local Bodies.
Consolidation of Annual Administration Reports of Local Bodies and submission to Government.
Local Bodies In Puducherry At present, there are 5 Municipalities, 10 Commune Panchayats and 98 Village Panchayats in the Union Territory of Puducherry.

Refrence Local Administration Department (LAD) – https://lad.py.gov.in/

Puducherry District

  • Pondicherry Municipality–The total area is 19.46 km2. The 2011 population was 2,44,377. The Municipality is divided into 42 wards comprising 8 Assembly Constituencies.
  • Ozhukarai or Oulgaret Municipality–The total area is 36.75 km2. The 2011 population was 3,00,150. The Municipality is divided into 37 wards.

Karaikal District

  • Karaikal–the Population as per 2011 census is 86,838. It is divided into 18 wards.

Mahe District

  • Mahe Municipality–The 2011 population was 41,816. It is divided into 15 wards.

Yanam District

  • Yanam–The 2011 population was 55,626. It is divided into 10 wards.

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