Android App of Puducherry Government of Water-Bodies – Jal AbhilekhAndroid App of Department of Science and Technology India – DST India
Software for Animation Creation in order to explain Concepts – Pencil2D AnimationAndroid app of ISRO BHUVAN INDIAN LIVE
Android App for Creating Animation of Walk around Lakes – ReliveAndroid App for Viewing Maps – Maps – Navigate & Explore
Software for Mapping Water Related Technical Works – QGISAndroid App for Map Tracking – SW Maps – GIS & Data Collector
Android App for Tracking your Route – My TracksAndroid App for Project Management – ClickUp 2.0
Android App for Tracking your Route – MyTrailsAndroid App for Time Lapse Videos – Framelapse Pro: Time Lapse Camera
Android App for Displaying Geo-tag in Photos – Open CameraAndroid App of UK Canals – Open Canal Map (Early Access)
Android App for Creating a Map Tack with Video – Alleys Map – Crowdsourcing Geotag VideosAndroid App for Disaster Response – Ushahidi
Android App for Viewing Map – Google EarthAndroid App for Monitoring Altitude – Altimeter – Mountain GPS Tracker
Android App for using Google Forms –FormsAppAndroid App of Mapunity for Mapping and Emergency Response – mGroups
Android App for viewing Maps and Editing – Google My MapsAndroid App for Calculating Area of Land in Maps – Gps Area Calculator
Android App for Taking Notes – Google Keep – notes and listsAndroid App for Editing Videos – YouCut – Video Editor & Movie Maker
Software to compress image – Caesium Image Compressor